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Arrow Sewing Cabinets

Arrow and Kangaroo Sewing Furniture and Cabinets has been making quality sewing furniture since 1943. From sewing cabinets to cutting tables, they design each piece of furniture for you comfort and convenience. They are committed to craftsmanship and innovation, with one thing in mind: helping sewers and quilters sew in comfort so you can sew longer!
Arrow Cabinets - Auntie Cabinet
Arrow Cabinets-
Auntie Cabinet

The Auntie sewing cabinet provides all the features of a larger cabinet but in a reduced size. It will most definitely become your get-it-done work station.
Arrow Cabinets - Arrow Bertha Cabinet
Arrow Cabinets-
Arrow Bertha Cabinet

If you are looking for a cabinet that offers plenty of space and supports heavy-duty sewing and embroidery machines, this sewing cabinet is for you.
Arrow Cabinets - Custom Insert
Arrow Cabinets-
Custom Insert

The Arrow Custom Machine Insert is designed to create a flush working surface for your sewing machine to use with your sewing cabinet to simplify sewing.
Arrow Cabinets - Dixie Cutting Table
Arrow Cabinets-
Dixie Cutting Table

You need an all-in-one: a workspace that allows you to rethink, reshape, and redesign at a moment's notice. The Arrow Dixie Cutting Table does just that.

Arrow Cabinets - Gidget I Table
Arrow Cabinets-
Gidget I Table

A great sewing table is strong, supportive and can easily be tucked away. Luckily, the Arrow Gidget I Sewing Table is all of these things and more!
Arrow Cabinets - Gidget II Table
Arrow Cabinets-
Gidget II Table

Gidget II Sewing Table is a self-contained, fully collapsible work station. Say goodbye to the wiggles, wobbles, and general woes of other sewing tables. 
Arrow Cabinets - Heavyweight Table
Arrow Cabinets-
Heaveyweight Table

Designed to fit your vintage Singer Featherweight, the Arrow Heavyweight Sewing Table is a sturdy, maneuverable work station.
Arrow Cabinets - Judy
Arrow Cabinets-

Discretion never goes out of style- and neither does the Arrow Judy Sewing Cabinet! Compact and ergonomic with breathable workspace.

Arrow Cabinets - Laverne and Shirley
Arrow Cabinets-
Laverne & Shirley

The Laverne and Shirley Sewing Cabinet offers three-position dual hydraulic lift, expandable caddy, and four pull-out storage drawers to hold your essentials.
Arrow Cabinets - Norma Jean
Arrow Cabinets-
Norma Jean

The Arrow Norma Jean Sewing Cabinet has  a large platform and heavy-duty airlift built to handle some of the largest sewing and embroidery machines.
Arrow Cabinets - Oliva
Arrow Cabinets-

The Olivia sewing cabinet has a dual-positioning mechanism, adjustable platform and plethora of storage cubbies and drawers.
Arrow Cabinets - Quilt Leaf Table
Arrow Cabinets-
Quilt Leaf Table

The Arrow Quilt Leaf table stand on two metal support legs and, once attached, sits flush with your Norma Jean or Olivia Cabinet.

Arrow Cabinets - Sewnatra Table
Arrow Cabinets-
Sewnatra Table

The Sewnatra sewing cabinet offers most of the features of our larger cabinets- including and airlift! Compact space expands even more.


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