Janome Embroidery Software

Available only on Apple iOS 

AcuDesign is the embroidery app that gives you the ability to import stitch designs from various sources and modify them anywhere, anytime—even when you’re not connected to the Internet: personalize your designs using your iPhone/iPod or iPad to combine the right fabric and thread colors, choosing the design style that suits your project, as easy as pressing a button. 

How to Get It 

AcuDesign can be downloaded directly from the iTunes Store for $49.99. iTunes Store

AcuDesign is included with a purchase of a Horizon Memory Craft 15000. REDEEM YOUR CODE 

Features at a Glance

Import Designs
Import previously saved, edited or downloaded designs. Users can import designs by connecting to PC or MAC, or wirelessly via Dropbox or Airstash. 

Edit Designs
Use the in-app tools to style your embroidery designs. Easily customerize each of the designs to resuize, change thread color and stitch-out order.

3D Photorealistic Preview
View your embroidery design in real time 3D preview mode. Know exactly what your design will look like before you begin embroidering.

Change Thread Colors
Change the thread color and style from a list of many popular manufacturer's. Instantly create a shopping list of threads for your designs. Change the fabric type and color as well. 

500 Pre-Loaded Designs
Select from 500 pre-loaded designs. There are twenty three categories of embroidery designs to choose from. In-app purchases are available to expand your library of designs. 

Stitch File Converter
Import, export and convert various stitch file formats.  


The amazing Fit to Frame function with perfect embroidery results at any scale! Powered with the NEW Smart Stitch Engine to perfectly adjust stitch density, stitch type and even stitch pattern! Enhanced with rich editing capabilities to edit, delete, add, move individual stitches, as well as re-sequencing of design objects at your fingertips. Combine your design creations for unique, one of a kind results! 

Selection tools
In editing module you have three different selection tools (Object selection, Lasso selection, Brush selection) and three selection modes (Normal, Add to selection and remove from selection). Also you have the ability to Select All objects or Invert your selections which are many useful selection options. These tools will make your life easier in editing your designs. 

Resize, mirror the design with automatic stitch density adjustment
Resize the embroidery designs proportionally or not to prepare it for embroidery. AcuDesign will automatically adjust the stitch density. You can mirror a design by dragging the resize handle to the direction you want to be mirrored. 

Rotate or slant the design with automatic stitch density adjustment
You can rotate or slant specific objects or the entire design and get the embroidery results you want. You have also the ability to change the rotation/slant center of the design and make transformations based on the new center. 

Cut, Copy, Paste or Delete objects from a design
Merge your designs by copy and pasting parts from one design to the other. You can even create new embroidery designs from parts of various designs. 

Re-sequence embroidery designs
Change the embroidering sequence of a specific design easily by dragging the objects at the rope clothesline from one position to the other.

Add, move or delete stitches
A stitch editor is also, included that allows you to Add, Move or Delete stitches. These tools are very useful for fine tuning the embroidery design before sending it to the machine. 

Auto-fit a design to the size of the hoop
If you want a specific design to fit in the selected hoop, you can use the Auto-fit option that will do that for you automatically. The app not only will fit the design in to the hoop but it will automatically adjust also its density.

Remove small stitches
Editing module includes a tool that can clean the small stitches (>0.4mm) from the design automatically. This improves the quality of the design and the occurrence of thread breaks during embroidering. 

Editing module Features List
•Selection tools
•Resize, mirror the design with automatic stitch density adjustment
•Rotate or slant the design with automatic stitch density adjustment
•Add, move or delete stitches
•Special functions- Thread trim, Stop
•Copy, Paste or Delete objects from a design
•Re-sequence embroidery designs
•Auto-fit a design to the size of the hoop
•Rename, Duplicate and Add tags to edited design
•Remove small stitches
•Move through object stitches with various ways
•650 free embroidery designs
•Ability to Undo and Redo any change you make
•On-line help system
•iOS 7 compatibility
•Improved AirPrint printouts
•Embroidery Hoop support

AcuDesign Lettering Module

The Lettering module gives you the ability to enhance your embroidery designs with Text by using any of the available Pre-digitized fonts that were made from professional digitizers. Place text on a straight or curved line that you can adjust its position and curvature dynamically. Use the text alignment tools to position the text exactly where you want it to be, and if you want, remove also the stitches that connect the characters, automatically. Colorize your text by selecting the exact thread that you will use and when you are ready you can even post an image of your creation directly into your Facebook account.


Buy Lettering module
You can easily buy the new Lettering Module as an in-app purchase by clicking on the puzzle icon at the top and following the dialog. The module includes 20 pre-digitized fonts and is available for $49.99. 

Lettering with 20 high quality pre-digitized scalable fonts
Select any of the available pre-digitized fonts and create beautiful, high quality text art designs. The fonts were made from professional embroiderers to keep the quality in the highest standards. 

Place text on 2-point line
An easy way to place text on an angle is to use the 2 point line text insertion method. It allows you to specify the line where you want the text to be placed on and then type the text directly on the line. Afterwards you can adjust its angle by dragging any of the two available handles. 

Insert Standard text
Add normal text like you do on any text editor by tapping on the position you want and typing your text. Create beautiful text art designs in no time. 

Text Alignment
You can specify the text alignment (Left, Right or Center) easily and position it exactly where you want to be placed. Text position adjustments cannot be easier. 

Remove Stitches between Letters
Whenever you add text in your designs you have the ability to remove the stitches between the characters or leave them there for productivity reasons. 

Place any text design on Arc
Lettering module gives you the ability to place text on a curve and adjust its curvature with 3 point handles. After placing the text you can change its alignment to Left, Right or Center. Create beautiful text art designs in no time. 

Change the thread color of text
With a tap you can change the thread color of the text art design you have created by selecting any of the currently used colors in the design or any from the available thread color palettes. 

Lettering Module Features List

  • Place any text design on an Arc that is defined with 3 Points
  • Place text on a 2 point line
  • Insert standard text exactly where you want.
  • Text align text to Left, Center or Right.
  • Add thread trims between characters
  • Lettering with 12 pre-digitized high quality scalable fonts
  • Change Text thread color
  • 1000 free embroidery designs